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Trisha Estabrooks

For Edmonton Centre

Some of you may know me from my time serving as Board Chair of the Edmonton Public School Board, and as the Trustee for downtown and surrounding neighbourhoods. Others may be familiar with my work as a career journalist. What you need to know about me now is my deep commitment to winning this seat for the NDP in the next election.


I grew up a New Democrat, and there were a few key values that were always talked about in my house – everyone deserves the same access to health care and education, and that you should always fight for what you believe. I believe in a more just, equitable and inclusive society.

Working together to make things better


I’m running to represent you in Edmonton Centre because I believe we need transformative change that takes care of people and the planet.

Taking Action


  • A proven leader on strengthening public education.
  • Alberta has the lowest funding per child in the country
  • We need Federal support to improve national standards, and reform the status quo that allows Premiers to shortchange your kids


  • The current housing crisis is the direct result of decades of policy failure by both Conservative and Liberal governments
  • We need to build more affordable and supportive housing to meet the needs of Canadian families now

Opioid Crisis

  • The consistently rising number of deaths from the ongoing opioid epidemic is nothing short of a tragedy.
  • The Federal government needs to be taking the lead, providing substantive, evidence based, and compassionate solutions that will meet the moment

Climate Change

  • Canadians deserve leaders who take the climate crisis seriously and offer meaningful solutions instead of lazy slogans
  • NDP climate solutions prioritize workers, and will bring  good paying jobs here to Alberta

Social Progress

  • Address the health, safety, and welfare needs of the 2SLGBTQIA+ communities
  • Take concrete and authentic action towards meaningful Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples


On top of dedication, hard work, teamwork and volunteers, elections need funds. Any amount you contribute will go to making signs, printing literature, paying living wages to our workers, and getting the message out!

About Trisha

As a school board trustee and former journalist, Trisha Estabrooks has given back to her community by listening, learning, and leading to improve the lives of others. She’s a strong advocate for public education and believes in the power of education to create positive social change. Before being elected as a trustee, Trisha worked for the CBC in stations across the country, including time spent with Journalists for Human Rights West Africa. She co-produced and hosted one of the first podcasts dedicated to elevating women in politics called The Broadcast. Trisha is thrilled to be the candidate for the Federal NDP in Edmonton Centre and knows that together we can win this seat and improve the lives of Edmontonians.


Ready to take the next step and support Trisha?

Since my successful nomination on November 12th, I have been working with my team to get our message out into the community. Talking with residents, meeting with stakeholders, and above all — knocking on doors! It’s my goal to hear from every constituent in this riding, and to make that possible I need your help! Sign up to volunteer today, our team will get you on board to help make this campaign a success.

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