Post election message

The people of Alberta have spoken and it’s important that your board of Trustees works with the new government in speaking up for kids and public education. 

Below is a message from EPSB’s Board Chair, Michelle Draper, who is the Trustee for Ward B (north Edmonton). She shared this message with district staff the day after the election and I feel it is an important message to share with parents and families as well. 

“I wish to congratulate Premier-elect Jason Kenney and look forward to welcoming his new cabinet. I would also like to thank outgoing Premier Rachel Notley and Minister of Education David Eggen for their service to Alberta.

Your Board of Trustees will continue to put students first and advocate for much needed funding for infrastructure, mental health supports in schools and for our increasing enrolment growth. As your Board Chair, I look forward to working closely with the new Minister of Education, once appointed, to ensure our students have the supports and space they need to succeed.” 

Here’s how students voted:

More than 160,000 students from elementary and high schools from across Alberta voted.

For a great break down of the results check out the AB vote website, created by Taproot Edmonton.

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