Student “success”

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One of the great parts about serving as a school board Trustee are the conversations that happen about education with those who spend hours of each day teaching our children.

Recently, I was fortunate to spend the morning with teachers, educational assistants and principals from across Edmonton public to talk about student success. What does it look like? What does success mean to a student, to a parent to a teacher? And how should we measure “success.”

Success is different for everyone and recognizing that, I think, is the first step towards defining what it should look like for students in our district.

The idea of success is something your Edmonton Public School Board of Trustees wants to explore with you. We are currently gathering feedback from parents, community members and students on what you think success means and how we can help students at Edmonton Public be “successful.”

Here’s the link to a short online survey.  It’s open until October 14.

Your valuable input will help shape the work of the District over the next four years.

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